Hokkaido Hanami Spots


Enjoy the Flowers at the Magnificent Moerenuma Park. In the cherry blossom forest, you can see roughly 1,900 trees blooming on 130,000 square meters of land.


Overlook the Cherry Blossoms from the Goryokaku Tower. From the top, you can look out over roughly 1,600 cherry trees inside the star-shaped Goryokaku Park.


See a Rich Variation of Cherry Blossoms at Matsumae Park. Also known as the "cherry blossom village" due to 10,000 flowers in 250 varieties blossoming in the park.


Beautiful Rows of Cherry Trees Line Shizunai Nijukken Road. You can see more than 3,000 cherry trees planted for roughly seven kilometers along the Shizunai Nijukken Road.

Most Popular Hanami Destinations

Hiroshima: Peace Memorial Park

Each year, many people come to visit the park, enjoy the scenery, and have picnics under the trees. The sakura along the river create a picturesque and unique spring scene.

Hiroshima: Ueno Park

The sakura bloom in spring, framing the pond and creating a colorful and spectacular scenery of illuminated cherry blossoms and the red bridge on the pond.

Osaka: The Cherry Trees on the Okawa Riverside

About 4,800 cherry trees line up in the area between Tenmabashi Bridge and the Sakuranomiya Bridge, and a large number of visitors revel into the night.

Osaka Castle Park

Inside the park is the Nishinomaru Garden, an area right by the castle, home to around 300 sakura trees, is an ideal photography spot.

Sakura Varieties in Japan

  • 01


    An earliest blossoming sakura in Japan. This sakura variety usually starts blooming in early February.

  • 02

    Takato Kohigan Sakura

    This is a unique kind of sakura that blooms in early April. It is a five petals sakura variety, comes in a soft reddish pink color.

  • 02


    A wild cherry blossom tree. It is the most common wildly growing cherry tree you would ever find in Japan.

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    Edohigan Zakura

    This is a popular sakura variety mostly found in Kanto region though it could be hardly seen in Okinawa and Hokkaido.


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